Also known as a TV Rock!

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Ulexite is a naturally occurring fiber optic material. When placed on any printed surface, the rock’s unusual optic properties will appear to lift images from the page, making them appear on top rather than through it. Yet this fascinating rock, when seen from the side, is not transparent at all. Very interesting natural transparent qualities this stone possesses. 

Ulexite encourages you to develop the gift of clairvoyance and of far-seeing, either far in time, or far in distance, as well as aiding the development of a number of other psychic gifts. 

It also has the capability to assist you to read the energy and intentions of others and to stimulate the gift of telepathy.

The metaphysical healing properties of Ulexite include the following:

  • brings things into focus both on the inner & spiritual levels
  • helps you to see things objectively & clearly realistically 
  • excellent for understanding the meaning of dreams & visions
  • shows you the spiritual path you should take & takes you deeper into the self
  • takes you to the root of a problem & points the way to resolution & solutions, especially when things seem to be getting out of proportion
  • helps you to see into another’s heart & to know what they are thinking & feeling, helping you to be more compassionate, assists in one’s intuition
  • beneficial for meditation & relaxation with stone in hand resting on 3rd eye
  • enhances visualization & dispels negative mental energy
  • balances Yin-Yang energies & aligns the subtle bodies
  • stimulates your imagination & creativity, especially in business (yes)
  • brings clarity to the physical eyes (magnifies realities) 

It is an interesting stone, that may be either colorless or white, and has fiber-optic capabilities. It is a stone that connects the emotions and the mind, to enable you to see what you are feeling more clearly, and is a strong stone to stimulate the imagination.

It may also assist you when you are working on developing intuition. Within the third eye chakra, it has the potential to open you to making contact with beings in other dimensions. It is a stone that has a strong potential to assist you to learn how to be psychic, and in particular to develop the gift of clairvoyance.

As it activates the third eye and the pineal gland in a specific way, this helps to open you to allowing specific types of images to come through into your mind.

This stone is a powerful stimulator of the imagination and of inspiration. It will help you to free up your imagination and will aid you if you are having creativity blocks. 

Sometimes ideas will come through quite quickly, so should be noted down when it happens.  

As this may be in meditation, write them down as soon as possible afterward so that they will be remembered later. If you were born under the sign of Gemini, it may especially help you, as it is a birthstone for Gemini, this is a rare not common stone for it to be a birthstone. It is an alternative birthstone to Gemini. 


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