5 new Jewelry Trends for 2020

  • Colorful Jewelry – YES and big Gemstones galore…. all kind of funky shapes and designs but the common theme is BIG and Chunky!!! Forget sticking to plain gold and silver, designers brought on an explosion of color for Spring 2020’s jewelry. The bigger the gemstone the more “out there” the jewelry, the more trendy and in fashion it is! From all colors of Gemstones to tassels and of course boatloads of beads!
  • The Single Earring – is back! Looks like you have lost an earring ut it’s ok … go with it!! Al the 1 earrings you have lost – find them and just wear the 1! Earrings are going solo this upcoming spring/summer season! Ladies … please bring out the lost earring!

Pearls – not the tiny strands, but the multi-layered big strands of the chunky pearls overlaying and worn with everything and anything. Remember, this trend in Madonna’s Like a Virgin Video? Ring .. ring…. how long ago? Yes, a much more stylish pattern of pearls to get addicted to this spring/summer!

Big Hoops. — I was watching Grace and Frankie and realized how fashion-forward that show is especially Brianna (Grace’s daughter who runs the business) Her MASSIVE earrings on this last season were spectacular. The bigger the better so bring on the 80’s hoops and take these to the next level! Hoops in my mind are the most versatile earring one can have in their wardrobe, it never ever goes out of style or fashion!

Oversized Chains – Where did Mr T go? Bringing in layers chains for this year is a BOLD step and ’80s are a calling! Much more refined and sleek, the big Chains are a big hit in new patterns and styles emerge once again. Everything says BIG like the 80’s hairdos!


  1. The trends that you have shared with us are quite unique and amazing, thank you so much for the information that you have shared with us will surely share this with my other friends and family as well.


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