New gemstone Sonaranite discovered in Arizona

Sonaranite discovered in Arizona. Image Courtesy - WAPT
February 10th, 2020 – By Christana Kay

A man and his brother in Arizona discovered a new type of gemstone.

Sonaranite has specs of gold in the gem, but it is difficult to extract.

The brothers were searching for gold when they came across the stone eight years ago.

So far, their family has extracted 1,000 pounds of Sonaranite.

John Hornewer said, “This was beyond our wildest dreams. To be where we’re at right now. The fact that we came from literally having a hole in the side of the mountain, to being like okay now there might be a whole new gemstone in this hole in the side of the mountain is crazy.”

The brothers will show off their new find at the gemstone show in Tuscon, Arizona to see how much the new stone is worth.


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