has launched a comprehensive website with over 150,000 items with most of them available to be shipped worldwide within 48 hours.

The year 2020 started off with news of a new virus which has since enveloped entire nations and countries and crippled their economy. Most countries had been forced to shut down their entire business with many smaller retailers suffering heavy losses due to lack of consumer buying in these challenging times.

The covid virus has

  • Disrupted supply chain lines
  • Forced business to cut costs and come up with new and innovative ways to do business
  • Ushered in a new normal where business are still trying to come up with new ideas on how to overcome consumer concerns and address the need for social distancing while still being able to conduct some business activity

However, it has become clear to most that we are here to live and fight with this virus. While many countries have controlled the spread of virus in some form or the other and many others are still finding ways to control it,but  most agree that life has to carry on but under strict supervision and control so that the virus does not run riot again. Most business are now getting ready to conduct business again.In these tough times, where regular travelling to your supply chain has become difficult, a new and innovative business opportunity has been provided by Nihaojewelry. The company has launched an online store where prospective buyers can stock up their products without having to do any physical travelling.

Nihaojewelry, a wholesale fashion jewelry and accessories manufacturer has launched a comprehensive website The online site has over 150,000 items  with most of them available to be shipped worldwide within 48 hours.

The goal of the company is to wholesale their products to small and medium sized jewelry existing stores or new entrants to the jewelry business at a competitive price and superior quality. The company updates it website with over 200 new designs daily. One of the best features is that there is no minimum quantity order and customers can order in any quantity they need.

The USP of NihaoJewelry can be summarized as below:

  • Quality Jewelry at reasonable price
  • ODM and OEM manufacturer
  • One stop service

Nihaojewelry welcomes new business which want to enter the world of fashion jewelry to place their orders on the website The wholesaler is focussed on helping small stores, specially those based in USA and Mexico, to purchase products at wholesale prices and retail them in their local locations. Also if you have been thinking about opening a new jewelry fashion business, now would be a good time to stock up your inventory from and start off.

View video to learn how you can increase your jewelry business carries a wide range of products. Their product category ranges from

  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Hair Accessories
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Fashion Bags
  • Women Clothing
  • Women Shoes
  • Fashion Watches
  • Swimwear
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Mother & Baby
  • Creative Products
Amazing collection of Hair accessories from

The Fashion Jewelry category has an amazing collection and wide variety of products at very reasonable wholesale prices. Their Fashion Jewelry category consists of:

RINGS – Select from over 1500 designs in different styles, pattern and materials.

Ring collection from

EARRINGS – Huge selection available at very reasonable wholesale prices

Earring collection with a wide range of products


Wide range of Necklaces and Chokers


Colourful and huge variety

There are many other categories of Fashion accessories also to select from:

Many other fashion jewelry accessories to select from

Nihaojewelry collection just does not stop here. They even have a fine jewelry collection which carries a huge variety of products in a varied range of material and styles


Nihaojewelry also has a focus on the Mexican, USA and European market. They do extensive research to see what is the latest fashion trends in those countries and design products suitable for customers in those markets. Jewelry stores, retailers and new sellers in these markets now get an opportunity to buy quality products at very reasonable prices to sell in their local markets. It is an opportunity which should not be missed.

Fashion items for the Mexican market
Fashion accessories for the USA market
Accessories for the Europen market

It just does not stop here. There are more fantastic deals and recommendation which they provide on their website. Their quality is unbeatable as a lot of work goes into ensuring that each and every product meets the quality standards. Their prices are unbeatable and their collection is unmatched.

The website also contains all necessary information regarding payment, shipments and returns which prospective buyers may need to know before purchasing the products.

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.” – Thich Nhat Hanh represents this new hope to many struggling business around the world and those who are willing to jump in and take hold of this opportunity now will be the successful ones in the future.

The company is based in Yiwu City, Zhejiang, China

For further enquiries please email them at

Website –

Visit for more details


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