Kashmiri sapphire attracts connoisseurs and collectors at China Import Expo in Shanghai


The 10-carat unheated Kashmir sapphire showcased by a Pakistani jewelry company has drawn attention of connoisseurs and collectors from all over the world at the ongoing third China International Import Expo being held in Shanghai.

“We are very pleased to present the rare and precious gemstones from Pakistan,” said Dr. Aqeel Ahmed, founder and CEO of Winza who displayed the Kashmir sapphire and popular emeralds from Swat at the diamond and gems pavilion during the ongoing expo.

He informed the Swat valley emerald, one of the earliest discovered emeralds in the world were exhibited first time at the exhibition.

Its history closely linked to the Silk Road and with its unique color and connotation, it was recognized by more and more consumers and its price showed a steady upward growth, becoming a shining star in the family of colored gemstone.

As a jewelry family business, Winza has a vertically integrated business model from mining, grading, cutting and polishing to jewelry manufacturing.

Therefore, Winza as a Pakistani jewelry brand with gemstone from Pakistan was very optimistic about the development potential of Swat emeralds in the Chinese market, Dr Aqeel Ahmed, who is running his business in Shanghai for the last 10 years, told APP on telephone. According to organizer of the diamond and gems pavilion at the expo, a total of 189 enterprises from 33 countries and regions including 13 Pakistani enterprises specialized in jewellery design and manufacturing, cross-border trade, freight transportation, furniture, artistic handicrafts are taking part in the jewelry exhibition.

The exhibitors are promoting new ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl, jade, amber products and other rare treasures at the exhibition.

Among all the exhibits, stunning gems and jewellery from Pakistan became a big hit with the Chinese buyers.

The ongoing CIIE will be held till November 10. Pakistani exhibitors are expected to return from a fruitful journey.

With Pakistan’s exports to China rise via China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)’s progress, more Chinese people will fall in love with the soul-stirring beauty of Pakistani jewellery.

Source : Dailytimes


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