How to buy September birthstone : Sapphire


Sapphire, one of the most enigmatic and beautiful of all gemstones also happens to be the birthstone for the month of September, meaning all who are born in the month of September can invite a good amount of good luck in their lives by sporting a sapphire. So whether it is a pair of stunning sapphire earrings, a pretty sapphire pendant, a ravishing sapphire ring or a charming sapphire bracelet, go right ahead and sport these lovely pieces if you happen to be born in September. For others no worries, who ever said sapphires were meant only for those celebrating their birthdays in September. This magnificent gemstone is definitely for anyone who appreciates its beauty.

So if you are all set to buy the beautiful sapphire, here are some tips that will help you buy the right stone. Since color is the most vital point to consider while buying a gemstone look at the color of the sapphire with care. The ideal shade is a blue that is neither too dark nor too light but is a clear and vivid blue. Also the stone should be evenly colored with no dark or light colored patches and blotches.

Also, try and find the most natural looking sapphires, and make sure you see to it that they appear blue even in dim artificial light as these are the most sought after of all sapphires. Although sapphires like most other gemstones come with inclusions, try and find a sapphire where the presence of inclusions is less. These may be quite steeply prices but are worth every bit of the money.

Cut is another important factor that you must consider while buying a sapphire. Make sure the stone is well cut and reflects the light falling on its surface for this is what will lend a shimmer to your stunning sapphire. Carat is another aspect that needs consideration. In many cases sapphires with a higher carat weight bear a better color that is more pronounced and alluring.

While buying a sapphire rings, make sure you ask for the certificate of authenticity that determines the exact quality and characteristics of the stone as well as its subsequent value. Also a certificate always helps if you ever decide on selling your sapphire.

Finding out where your sapphire originated from is also important as sapphires from a specific place bear certain characteristics that is mostly reflected in its color.

So now that you know all you need to go ahead and buy a stunning sapphire, the sensuous September stone.

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