Britt’s Pick: Jardin Pink Opal Flower Earrings By Syna


A fool’s spring, they call it. That time of year when you experience a series of warm days and start to think that maybe, just maybe, winter is over. But we know better than that by now, don’t we? Because then the temperature drops 30 degrees, the wind and rain blow, or worse—an epic snowstorm hits.

It seems we humans aren’t the only ones who can be fooled. Each year, I witness the sprouts on the trees start to spring to life, the buds on the rose bushes pop bright pink and red, the cherry blossoms begin to fill D.C.’s tidal basin with pink. And each year, I think, Not yet, little ones! It’s too soon! And then I worry that they won’t survive the cold that’s coming our way.

They always do. Mother Nature has a way of figuring things out—it’s not her first rodeo. But for us, it’s a tease. Optimistically, it’s a nice little taste of what’s to come, if we can only be patient for just a little longer. Pessimistically, it’s a look at what we can’t have quite yet, for we must endure the last of winter.

Of course, for those on the West Coast or elsewhere in the world, this experience might not sound familiar (or at least much of the snow part). But we all know what it’s like to bask in the presence of fresh blooms, and what a beautiful thing it is.

So why wait? Break out the flower jewelry as quick as you can, in a show of support for those flowers and leaves pushing their way out of a long dormant season. If we have to be patient with the weather, let’s focus on the cheerful things we can control: dressing brightly, accessorizing even more colorfully.

For me, the pink opal flower earrings by Syna are an ideal embodiment of what the awakening of spring means where I live. Their baby-sweet hue is reminiscent of the cherry blossoms that delight our eyes (and make our noses itch). The earrings have that oversize stature that I covered here last week, a statement perfect for emerging from our winter cocoons, out into the sunshine (or at least into our backyards).

The earrings are one of a kind, with petals handcarved and harnessed by glossy golden lines that add elegance and warmth. Then, of course, there are diamonds, the centerpieces that make the pair a nice contender for anyone celebrating an April birthday—though I’d argue these would suit a Mother’s Day gift list even better.

And so I say, for the benefit of myself more than anyone else—though perhaps you need to hear it too—be patient. The spring will come, and better times will come, too. For what feels to be this homestretch, we’ll do what we can to create our own warmth and cheer, including accessorizing in every possible way with sweet, sweet flowers.

Top: Jardin flower earrings in 18k yellow gold with 7 cts. t.w. carved ink opal and diamonds, $3,850; Syna

Source: Brittany Siminitz


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