22ct. Pink Diamond Up for Sale


RAPAPORT… Namakwa Diamonds, owner of the Kao mine in Lesotho, plans to sell a pink diamond weighing 21.86 carats at a tender in Antwerp next month.

The miner recovered the Pink Palesa — meaning pink flower in the local Sesotho language — last month, according to brokerage and consultancy firm Bonas Group, which is organizing the sale. The Kao mine, which Namakwa operates through subsidiary Storm Mountain Diamonds, is known for colored diamonds such as the Rose of Kao, the Pink Dawn and the Purple Princess, Bonas said in a statement Monday.

“Kao remains one of the world’s few sources of natural pink diamonds,” the statement noted. “The Pink Palesa, therefore, presents a unique and increasingly rare opportunity.”

Viewings are scheduled for July 12 to 23, with online bidding closing on July 23.

Image: The 21.86-carat Pink Palesa. (Bonas Group)

Source: diamonds.net Rapaport


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