The Beauty of Floral Jewelry

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Floral accessories add a soft aesthetic look to an entire outfit. The intricate craftsmanship inspired by the beauty of nature makes it the main reason to fall in love with. Floral jewelry has gained wide popularity due to its charming visual appearance and its association with the spring season. The flora surrounding us has given jewelry makers the inspiration to curate designs that are enchanting and a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Floral jewelry is the perfect accessory that develops the essence of pure romance, no wonder they are worn on special occasions like engagements, wedding anniversaries, and other related events. From traditional to modern contemporary jewelry designers have incorporated nature-inspired themes to give a romantic and timeless touch to their collection.

At Glitz Jewelry, we bring you, handcrafted floral designs in our flower jewelry ranging from elegant earrings, heartfelt pendants to the all-time stunning bangles.

Glitz Jewelry Rings

A diamond ring holds a lot of meaning and symbolism in an individual’s life. They are used for many special occasions from marking a new relation on an engagement day, wedding events to surprising that significant someone. Our ring collection has been meticulously inspired from natural segments and curated into fashionable jewelry item for every occasion.

Some flower inspired rings:

· 18K Gold and 0.75 Carat E Color VS1 Clarity Diamond Ring

· 18KT Gold and 0.06 Carat F Color VS Clarity Diamond Ring

· 18KT Gold and 0.48 Carat F Color VS Clarity Diamond Ring

Glitz Jewelry Flower Earrings

18k Gold and 0.10 Carat Round Diamond Flower Earrings

Floral designs on earrings are the must have jewelry pair in your wardrobe. We have crafted your precious diamonds into minimalistic flower shaped earrings. These earrings are designed to meet your everyday needs from soulful gathering to celebrating holiday season with friends and family. Elevate your looks with the most modern with earring styles inspired from nature.

Some flower inspired earrings:

· 18k Gold and 0.03 Carat Round Diamond Flower Earrings

· 18k Gold and 0.04 Carat Round Diamond Flower Earrings

· 18k Gold and 0.49 Carat Round Diamond Flower Earrings

Glitz Jewelry Flower Pendants

18k Gold and 0.10 carat Round Diamond Flower Pendant

Pendant jewelry as a gift, is a great reminder of the love and support from our loved ones. The diamond studded flower pendant collection is a dazzling jewelry that makes you want to add in cart for that special someone in your life. These blossoms inspired pendants are curated for the one’s that matter you the most. The flower patterns on our pendants simply adorns the art of nature and fashion in harmony.

Some flower inspired pendants:

· 18k Gold and 0.08 carat Round Diamond Flower Pendant

· 18k Gold and 0.24 carat Round Diamond Flower Pendant

· 18k Gold and 0.47 carat Round Diamond Flower Pendant

Glitz Jewelry Bangles

18K Gold and 0.29 carat Diamonds Bangle

Bangles are the most fashionable jewelry items worn throughout every season. They add a great element to any traditional or modern chic outfit. Bangles remains one of the most popular jewelry items in various cultures across the globe. Adding a touch of nature’s floral pattern to one of the most versatile jewelries makes it suitable for any special event.

Some flower inspired bangles:

· 18K Gold and 0.69 carat Diamonds Bangle

· 18K Gold and 0.74 carat Diamonds Bangle

· 18K Gold and 0.36 carat Diamonds Bangle

Source: Glitz Jewelry


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