Guide for Taking Proper Care of Your Diamond Jewelry


One can never stop admiring the significant sparkle of diamond jewelry. Diamond is considered one of the most valued stones gifted to mankind. These precious stones are the epitome of new beginnings, eternal bonding, and appreciation. Diamond jewelry is the most preferred choice for occasions like engagementwedding, and other popular events.

Every diamond jewelry owner wishes to maintain the sparkling radiance and beauty of the jewel for a long-lasting time. We have created a guide to help you out to take proper care of your precious stones.

Keep your jewels shining

Just like diamond jewelry symbolizes commitment on your auspicious day, similarly owning this precious stone entitles an individual to take care of it with complete dedication. At Glitz Jewelry, we curate diamonds that shine beauty from every edge, making it one of the most important reasons to keep it forever. Our diamond jewelry is handcrafted and carefully designed by experts. It is vital to maintain the exact care, to ensure your diamonds never lose out on their exclusive sparkle.

Ensure proper handling

Glitz Jewelry ensures that your diamonds are nurtured with utmost care before you receive the beautifully handcrafted piece of stone.

A basic way to keep your diamonds safe from getting dull is to use a soft clean cloth and wipe it gently without any harsh pressure. Use this cleaning technique at every end of the day after removing your jewelry. This removes any body oil, cream, dirt from the jewelry and keeps it sparkle intact.

Another easy way to keep your diamond jewelry is to use hot water along with a dishwashing liquid and gently clean with a soft bristle brush.

Add one part of ammonia to six part of lukewarm water and soak your diamond jewelry in the solution for about half an hour. This maintains the brightness of your precious diamond jewelry.

Make sure to get your diamonds inspected in the hands of the professional jeweler once every six months.

Avoid contact with harsh chemical

Wearing beauty products like body lotion, oil, sunscreen, shampoo, perfume or any other products containing harmful substances can damage the quality of the stone. Always apply products before wearing or after removing the diamond jewelry. This will ensure less to no contact with the jewelry and protect the stone from degrading its quality.

Get your diamonds insured

You might think getting an insurance for your precious diamonds may not be necessary or add more expenditure. But believe us, your diamond jewelry needs insurance just like your forever home and dream car needs one.

Diamonds are considered precious for many other reasons, apart from the monetary expense and uniqueness of the stone. It holds deep value and memories of love and support received from that special someone. Get your diamond jewelry insured at the time of purchase to protect it from damage, theft, and loss. It is important to know your insurance policies and the coverage it provides, to obtain maximum benefits in case of uncertainties.

Storage of diamond jewelry

Diamonds are natural stones that require proper storage to ensure no damage is caused to the stone itself and other metals or gemstones that come in contact with it. Diamonds are known for their natural hardness, that does mean they do not get damaged. To avoid diamonds losing their quality over time, it is best to store them in boxes provided with the jewelry itself.

It is ideal to store different jewelry materials in separate boxes to avoid interaction with each other that eventually leads to the metals tarnishing. Store your diamonds in the secured compartments provided by the jewelry store or in a soft cloth. Ensuring proper dry and clean storage will keep your diamond jewelry safe and protect them against possible dust and scratches.



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