Heart Shape Diamond Jewelry


Heart-shaped diamond jewelry is the most charming way to mark a romantic and heartfelt ceremony. The design of the heart itself speaks a thousand words of love and evokes a great sentiment of deep affection. Most individuals prefer shopping for this rare jewelry as engagement rings for their special day. Heart-shaped diamond jewelry is known to have a history of elegant beauty and tradition.  Heart-shaped jewelry started gaining its significance in the 15th century. The initial mention of the heart-shaped jewelry date backs to the year 1463, during an exchange between the Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza, and his companion Nicodemo. In the year 1562, the most known record of the heart-shaped diamond was exchanged at the royal court as a sign of friendship.  A heart-shaped diamond ring was sent by Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth of England. In those days, it was very difficult for jewelry makers to cut a diamond in a delicate heart shape keeping precision in mind. It was kept as a mark of friendship, knowing the tedious labor and art put behind curating a heart-shaped diamond jewelry.

Some diamond heart pendants:

18KT Gold and 0.09 carat Round Diamond Heart Pendant
18KT Gold and 0.06 Carat Round Diamond Fashionable Pendant
18KT Gold and 0.09 Carat Round Diamond Fashionable Pendant
18KT Gold and 0.25 carat Round Diamond Heart Pendant

During the time of royal courts, the heart-shaped diamond was hand-carved and required intense manpower. With the availability of lesser tools, it was deeply valuable to historians and collectors of precious stones at that period. Back in the days, the main focus of jewelry makers was the color and weight of the diamond. They were not accustomed to the beautiful sparkle the diamond could reflect when formed with great proportions. Currently, jewelry professionals come with a great source of expertise and exactly know to improvise the sparkling brilliance of the precious gemstone. Modern jewelry makers have tools to curate diamonds with well-balanced color, clarity, carat, and cut.

The ideal heart-shaped diamond cut is considered to be at a ratio of 1:1, or as tall as it is wide. The essential part of the cut requires the diamond to be symmetrical on both sides. A perfect symmetry portrays the stones in harmony and pleases the viewers. Modern heart-shaped 

diamonds are known to have 56 to 58 facets sculpted with 6 to 8 main facets are on the pavilion. The heart-shaped diamond is curated from a pear-shaped cut, as they look similar in terms of facets and design. It requires professional expertise to achieve the symmetrical rounded lobes that meet at a point. The perfect ratio develops a clean and even shape with facets reflecting mirror image on both sides. Heart shape diamonds may vary in appearance according to the design and structure.

While purchasing the most elegant heart-shaped diamonds for your special romantic event, it is vital to know the technical terms associated with the precious stone. The V – shape cut seen at the center top of the stone is known as the cleft, this indicates the jewelry maker’s cutting skills. The round areas on top of both the cleft are called Lobes. Then comes the belly, it is the widest part of the diamond that narrows down to create the heart outline, known as the wing. At last, the heart-shaped diamond goes down the bottom part called as the point.

Along with being popular for their unique shape, heart shape diamond jewelry is also known for symbolizing great friendship, appreciation, eternal devotion, and timeless love.

When purchasing a jewelry, it is always preferable to go through a diamond ring buying guide and have proper research. This helps you to receive the most dazzling and pure stone worth the price. You can also connect with a professional jewelry expert to get a clear idea of the diamonds before making the final purchase. We know how these heart-shaped diamonds are just as unique as you, and the sentimental value it holds for your rare moments.

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