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Valentine’s day is the most romantic day to pop the big question you’ve been waiting to ask the love of your life. With the romantic atmosphere, it is considered as the best time to take out that ring you secretly purchased for your loved one and mark a new beginning of your relationship. While getting engaged on valentine’s day is gaining popularity among this generation and it completely makes sense to tell your special someone, how you are blessed to have them in your life. Before making the next move, we would like to suggest some proposal ideas to help you make a memorable engagement proposal on the most beautiful time of the year. 

Valentine’s Day Cliché

You can never go wrong, with a dozen of roses, a stuffed bear along with a favorite box of chocolate for your valentine. The simplest valentine’s cliché can bring so much joy to your loved one’s face before the big moment. This valentine’s day is the right time to sneak in the engagement ring in the box of chocolate or add them in a personalized note along with the bunch of flowers.

The idea of bending down on one knee and gazing into your loved one’s eyes and surprising them with the beautiful engagement ring will make them fall head over heels for you again.

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Cooking Together

Cooking your partner’s favorite meal is the most expressive way to showcase your feelings for them. Nowadays, cookbooks are available both at stores and digitally, to help you make delicacies effortlessly. You can also follow recipe videos uploaded on digital platforms and get creative with your culinary skills in the kitchen.


The idea is to share a lovely time with your loved one by cooking meals together that provides comfort and satisfaction. It is a thoughtful way of proposing and taking your relationship to the next phase. For maintaining the element of surprise make sure to involve your partner by giving them simple tasks while preparing the meals. 

Cinema Night 

When we are talking about staying at home, how can we miss a movie night? Yes! Grab a tub of delicious popcorn, play that film you two have always wanted to watch, sit back and relax. The movie provides us with a sense of feeling that connects to us and makes us believe in things that we can only imagine. It brings couples and families together and helps them bond over a topic or feeling through the art of cinematography. 

The couple is lying on the sofa and watching the movies on the laptop

We suggest you to play a feel-good movie of your loved one’s choice and surprise them during an interval, with an engagement ring inside a box of chocolate or maybe the popcorn bowl. Isn’t that a wonderful surprise? This proposal will be cherished every time you both watch a movie in the future ahead.  

Surprise Getaway

Valentine’s day is an intimate event for couples. Planning a romantic getaway is a memorable way to tell them – how you would love to travel and explore the world with the love of your life right next to you.

Travel to a location far from the usual crowd and your work life. Surprise them with an adventure on the trip and just when you think the time is right, go ahead and tell what they mean to you. This will be a beautiful memory to bring along after spending time together at the romantic getaway. 

Story Lane

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating the love between two individuals. Now the way you choose to propose adds magic to the existing beautiful bonding you share with your sweetheart. When thinking of planning a valentine’s day proposal, how about going back to the place or moment where it all started? Wouldn’t that add so much joy to your loved one’s face when they see how you remember the journey of being in each other’s life.

Romantic young couple sitting in open car trunk, enjoying sunset in spring nature while taking a break from long road trip, boyfriend using the romantic moment to propose his girl, she is happy and surprised

Go ahead and travel through places that were a turning point in your relationship, where at each of those spots your feelings grew stronger for them. Embrace through this classic valentine’s day proposal idea and show your commitment and dedication to be in their phase of life. Find the right opportunity and bring that engagement ring out to begin the next chapter of your life from where it all began.

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