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We know you’re getting anxious as it is that time of the month where you need to find that perfect outfit along with accessories that dazzle you up for the most awaited moment of the year. Yes! You guessed it right, we are talking about Prom Night.

We know how you get all occupied last minute in choosing your prom outfit plus matching accessories to finalizing the whole attire. But if you have already found the dress for your special night, let us help you find the most suitable jewelry that definitely makes gives you a complete look.

Go through our guide of jewelry ideas for prom night to help you choose the most jewelry pieces for prom night.

Flower Pendant

Pendant as a jewelry, is an adorable piece of adornment that can be worn on any special occasion. What is better than a beautiful piece of nature inspired pendant? Flowers are a great symbolism of blooming through different stages of development.  We believe that prom is the most suitable moment to wear a floral jewelry that celebrates your growth through the new beginning of your life. 

18k Gold and 0.30 carat Round Diamond Flower Pendant

The flower pendant is a great jewelry option to blend nature’s element with the chic prom attire. There is nothing more versatile than adding a floral touch to the outfit for the night.

Rose Rings

When we think of prom night, we can never miss out on the corsages. Corsages are flower bouquet presented to women that is worn around the wrist or as a clothing accessory. The most traditional flowers seen on these cute bouquets are roses and orchids. Our Rose collection, is a must have essential for your prom night to create a complimentary look for the night.

0.11 Carat Diamond Gold Ring

You can either wear a single dainty piece of rose ring or pair it up other ring styles to create a modern and chic statement to your outfit.

Diamond Rings

At Glitz Jewelry we bring you our collection of uniquely crafted diamond ring styles to mark the celebration of the precious moments in your life.

18K Gold and 0.35 Carat F Color VS2 Clarity Diamond Ring

If you prefer going for a more sophisticated look this prom season, then a piece of diamond ring is the most stunning jewelry you need to meet to complete fashion statement. This diamond ring has an exquisite centrepiece, one can never stop admiring the brilliance of this precious stone.

Heart – Shaped Earrings

One of the most popular and preferred jewelry shape, the adorable heart shape is a no wonder a must have in this guide. This unique shape already has our heart! This minimalistic piece of earring with layered necklaces radiates that soft aesthetic vibe.

14K Gold and 0.14 carat Round Diamond Heart Earrings

Undeniably, this minimal jewelry with our designed in our favorite shape is a visual delight and celebration of a youthful feminine stage. Pair it with a pastel dress for the night and you are ready to dazzle through your special night.

Source: Glitz Jewelry


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