To build the future infrastructure of commerce, education, and information for the global gems and jewellery industry.



To build the best digital platform for the gems and jewellery industry that provides them industry information, a forum for discussion, showcasing their products and conducting trade, so that they can meet their business goals



To educate industry professionals by bringing to their attention the latest innovations and technology developments in the industry, so that they can strategically plan their business strategy in today’s everchanging environment.
To bring awareness to the industry about sustainable growth and provide a platform for discussion on this ever-challenging issue
To educate people who want to enter the gems and jewellery industry
To provide a platform for industry experts to express their ideas, opinions, and knowledge that provides a broader guideline for all industry professionals.
To transform the way the industry markets and sells its products by providing technology and infrastructure to conduct e-commerce and sell their products in a digital world

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