Lab-Grown Diamonds – How to Define them ?

November 6, 2019, by Rob Bates When it comes to lab-grown diamonds, you don’t want to get...

Priceless 18th century jewelry stolen in Brazen heist in Germany

Source : CTV NEWS

Fire Opal the mystery, allure and origins

Fire opal is a translucent opal with warm body colors ranging from yellow to orange to gold. Even though it usually doesn’t...

Is Adam Sandler cut out to star in a movie like Uncut Gems?

Critics are all flipping for this relentless new thriller. Here’s why I’m not. By DANA STEVENS DEC...

Cape Town displays Spectacular ‘Desert Rose’ ring with 798 diamonds

by Erene Oberholzer 2019-12-10 As of recently, the ‘Desert Rose’ ring, featuring 798 diamonds, was a showstopper...

Thumbs up to Lab Grown Diamonds from Women

NEW YORK (PRWEB) December 09, 2019 Consumer research is telling us that while most women still prefer...
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